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Welcome to Inferno-Co, Inferno-Co is a Conquer Online private server that is hosted and operated by people centralized in the United States.

Server Location: Canada
Ping Counter: Average
Client Version: 5918

Inferno-Co is a Conquer Online private server that simulates a game environment similar to the game Conquer Online 2.0 Our server was prepared carefully, based on several years of research and experience with hosting our own private servers in years, in order that the players really like playing and for us to provide an incredible experience that you will not find on any other server.

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If you have a problem you can send A email to
Describe the problem and our Tech. will respond to you on what to do to your account or help you with set up of the Client or patches
PLEASE don't just spam our email!!!!
Thank you so very much Nuclear~Blast{OWNER}

Click here to download the new Patch (97MB) One . to fix all Bugs you have in the client :).

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How to Connect

Create your Account

First, create an account by going to the My Account page and click Create New Account. Your email will not be sold or distributed to 3rd parties, all information is kept within the database and is not tampered with. Do not forget to read our Rules and Terms of Use before creating your account!

Download the Client!

Don't have the game? Click here to download the client, and if there is a patch out, be sure to download that too! Client Download

Server Status
Accounts: 538
Characters: 407
Guilds: 41
Clans: 31
Players Online: 26


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Inferno-Co STAFF
[GM]Nuclear[PM] [Main OWNER]
Inferno[PM] [Co-OWNER]
SonicBoom[PM] [Co-OWNER]
Crunch[GM] [Web Designer]
Fatality[GM] [Staff Member]
Robby[GM] [Staff Member]
Klaus [Web Designer & GFX god]
Celisia [Coder]